The primary focus of LMS is to build trust with clients through our reliability, consistency, professionalism, quality, and honesty. With over 30 years of  professional experience we have the necessary insight regarding quality control which we continue to strengthen with the input of our most valuable asset, our clients.

We at LMS believe the “proof is in the pudding” which is why we will randomly check our job sites without notice to our employees, so we can make certain our clients are satisfied with the service. We also like to meet with our clients once a month for an honest, thorough evaluation. This helps with all around quality control.

Rest assured the extensive training our staff has completed will get you the best in “Green” cleaning at your facility.

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Satisfied clients:

“We appreciate all the services your company provides at our sites. We find that LMS and staff customizes the cleaning service to our standards, and are readily available an in emergency to assist.”
— Girod St. Martin, UCSF Facility Manager, Mission Bay