LMS maintains all common areas, restrooms, offices, therapy rooms, elevators, hallways, cleaned and disinfected in a sanitary manner. We use multipurpose hospital grade “Green” cleaner disinfectants. We customize contracts to fit all client needs.

LMS clean according to our quality standards as well to our clients’ high expectations. We use multi-color micro-fiber cloths for specific areas. The “Green” micro-fiber cloths are used only for dusting. The “Blue” are used for mirrors, windows, and glass tables. The “Yellow” micro-fiber cloths are used for disinfecting. The” Red” cloths are used for restroom areas only.

Finally, all LMS personnel have been trained in safety protocols by wearing rubber gloves and eye protection while doing daily janitorial cleaning as well as washing/sanitizing their hands every time they remove their rubber gloves. All MSDS are located in the janitor’s closet on each floor.

floor cleaning
cleaning restroom


You can rest assured that LMS will clean and maintain your building, office, and housing units, with professional expertise from start to finish.

  • Commercial & Industrial Cleaning
  • Customized Cleaning Schedule To Fit Client Needs
  • Well-Trained Cleaning Personnel
  • Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Extraction
  • Stripping/Refinishing Floors (Wax)
  • Green Cleaning
  • Window Washing Inside/Outside
  • Yearly Floor Maintenance Program
  • Power Washing and Cleaning all Tile Floors
  • Monthly Sanitizing Service